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Pesca Pendant #1

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Sterling Silver and copper hand-crafted with a patina finish.

Can be sold with chain to be ordered seperately, suggest sterling silver long chain or black cord (email for information)

1 1/4 inches wide and 4" long Weight 30 grams

A chain can be added for the pendant for an additional charge please contact Kelli to order this add on separately.

Keep all your Kelli Jewelry looking fabulous with these tips on jewelry care!

Sterling Silver (925) can be polished with a jewelers cloth, silver polishing cloth, and any type of microfiber cloth.

14Kt/18kt Gold can be cleaned with warm water and mild dish soap. Use a soft cloth to remove any build up or a fine soft bristle toothbrush for those hard to reach areas and dry off with microfiber cloth.

Copper can be wiped off with plain microfiber cloth do not use cleaner/polish. It can have an oxidation reaction with the skin, causing skin to turn green. It can easily be washed off and is not harmful. Keeping your jewelry clean will help avoid this.

Titanium/Nioubium anodized jewelry can be cleaned with warm water and mild dish soap. And dried with microfiber cloth

Stones/Gems can be cleaned with mild dish soap and warm water and wiped with microfiber cloth.